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Our guidance for businesses on the legal, regulatory and commercial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the rapidly changing environment, we will update this page frequently. To receive the latest information quickly, join our mailing lists or manage your subscriptions from our alert sign-up page.

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Highlights of Hong Kong SAR Government’s Policies in Light of COVID-19
Hong Kong SAR government has implemented stricter immigration control and public health measures to help enterprises and individuals during the epidemic.

Highlights of Chinese Government’s Policies in Light of COVID-19
We offer a high-level summary of policies published by the Chinese central government recently, which may have practical implication to the daily operations of our clients and companies who have a business presence in China or have a business connection with China.

Fund formation

Initial Observations Regarding COVID-19’s Impact on Venture Capital Fund Raising
As we are now several months into COVID-19, we thought it timely to provide our observations, initial in nature as they may be, regarding the present market for venture capital fund raising.

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Maureen Alger  Partner Palo Alto
Laura Berezin  Partner Palo Alto
Barbara Borden  Partner San Diego
Wendy Brenner  Partner Palo Alto, Los Angeles – Santa Monica
Alfred Browne  Partner Boston
Rod Freeman  Partner London, Brussels
Jacqueline Grise  Partner Washington, DC
J.G. Harrington   Special Counsel Washington, DC
Cathy Hershcopf  Partner New York
Matthew Johnson  Special Counsel Washington, DC
Christopher Kimball  Partner Washington, DC
Heidi Lawson  Partner New York, London
Eileen Marshall  Partner Washington, DC, Palo Alto
Joshua Mates  Partner San Francisco
Chadwick Mills  Partner San Francisco
David E. Mills  Partner Washington, DC
Danielle Naftulin  Partner Palo Alto
Pablo Nichols  Special Counsel Washington, DC, Los Angeles – Santa Monica
Adam Ruttenberg  Partner Washington, DC, Reston
Cullen Drescher Speckhart  Partner in Charge – Washington, DC Washington, DC, New York
Jay Vaughan  Partner Washington, DC, Reston
Erin Walczewski  Pro Bono Counsel Boston
Peter H. Werner  Partner San Francisco
Adriana Wirtz  Partner New York