Internet & Social Media: Areas of Practice

Jumpstarting Growth

Cooley has a long tradition of representing emerging and high-growth companies worldwide. We represent over 3,000 emerging companies, many of which are social networking, Web 2.0, digital media and e-commerce enterprises, with all aspects of their formation and growth including assisting clients in structuring the commercialization of their products and services.  We are at the forefront with advising start-up web-based companies on the myriad issues facing businesses in this evolving industry.

Built upon five decades of experience, our Venture Capital practice has the client volume, market presence, expertise and breadth of experience that make Cooley one of the foremost authorities on venture capital investments.  Through our ongoing representation of emerging companies and investors, we are able to make introductions where appropriate—which can make the difference for a company in search of funding.

Protecting New Ideas and Web Property

We help clients formulate and implement effective intellectual property (IP) development and protection strategies, and also help to protect clients' important web property.

When clients need to enforce or defend their IP rights, our Intellectual Property Litigation group excels at delivering winning legal strategies in high-stakes or bet-the-company technology disputes. Over the past five years, Cooley has handled 80 patent cases in the Eastern District of Texas and litigated numerous patent cases in the District of Delaware, the Eastern District of Virginia, the Northern, Central and Southern Districts of California and the Southern District of New York. 

Whether it is structuring a sophisticated IP-based transaction, formulating patent strategies, drafting online license agreement or protecting patents through litigation, we offer advice that assists our clients in meeting their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Managing a Workforce

In today's highly competitive, technology-driven global marketplace, businesses regularly face complex employment-related issues. Cooley has the resources and experience to help them.

As a technology-focused firm, Cooley understands how critical trade secrets are to the viability and success of our clients. Drawing on decades of work helping technology companies develop, define and protect their technology and trade secrets, our lawyers are experts at assessing risks, counseling clients, working with law enforcement in criminal trade secret matters and using the courts to pursue and defend civil claims related to trade secret misappropriation, breaches of fiduciary duty and related matters.

Global Brand Development and Protection

Trademarks are among the most valuable intellectual property assets for consumer-facing technology companies. With the globalization of potential markets and the continued expansion of Internet users, more and more businesses recognize that their corporate and product names, logos and slogans are essential for communicating product value, establishing a solid reputation and building brand loyalty globally. 

Our trademark and copyright lawyers are particularly expert in protecting online industry brands and copyrights and are experienced in advising on the issues most pertinent to these companies, including cybersquatting, linking and framing, user-generated content and infringement risks.  With our longstanding roots in the technology world, our clients turn to us with an ever expanding array of novel issues at the intersection of copyright law and the Internet.

Our team also has significant experience handling online branding issues and domain name matters for Web 2.0 companies, including acquisitions and assignments.  We have helped some of the leading online and Web 2.0 entities, including eBay, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, among many others, protect and enforce domain name rights. 

In addition to trademark prosecution and strategic brand counseling, our group has also successfully litigated trademark and copyright infringement matters for a wide range of companies, including website publishers, e-commerce businesses, social networks and online video game developers.

Online Advertising

We advise clients on a variety of advertising subjects, including permissible comparative advertising and unfair advertising issues across a variety of media, as well as multicultural advertising and marketing concerns related to translation, transliteration and local consumer perception of certain brands.

Additionally, we often consult with our clients and their advertising agencies on ad copy and imagery to assess the potential for claims of false advertising and violations of rights of privacy, as well as assist in establishing company policies to minimize the risk of such claims.


Cooley lawyers offer the expertise necessary to negotiate the full range of privacy challenges confronting businesses. We partner with clients to identify and resolve regulatory compliance needs, craft and implement privacy and data security policies and address emerging developments ranging from consumer privacy law to European privacy initiatives. We also represent companies on privacy matters arising from mergers and acquisitions, joint venture and strategic alliance formations, co-branding deals and bankruptcy and reorganization problems, such as disposition of customer lists and other privacy-related assets.

In our litigation practice, we vigorously represent clients in consumer class actions, competitor lawsuits and government enforcement actions involving privacy claims. We have a distinguished track record in handling complex, high-profile privacy lawsuits, ranging from disputes over email services to multistate class actions alleging online consumer privacy violations.

User-Generated and Shared Content

Content sharing is the nexus of next-generation web-based technologies and in particular, Web 2.0. With the constant high volume of content comes significantly increased litigation risk to companies. We have successfully counseled and litigated on behalf of our clients on cutting-edge issues affecting online commerce, property rights, copyright infringement and privacy issues.

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