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Web 2.0, Social Media and Next-Generation Technologies

Cooley lawyers have unparalleled experience advising companies that are on the leading edge of new Internet-based technologies and online business models.  This group consists of experienced counselors who represent and advise clients on matters concerning social networking, Web 2.0 platforms, digital media, e-commerce, Internet portals, user-generated content, online speech and associated intellectual property issues.

Our clients come to Cooley at different stages of development and need. For start-up companies, we review client business plans and meet with founding teams to prepare them to seek financing. We have deep connections with angel investors and venture capital firms looking to fund next-generation technologies, products and services, and we work with our clients to identify potential financing sources and make introductions to those sources.

We regularly counsel our clients at all stages of development regarding their rights and responsibilities and the management of legal risks associated with the online aspects of their businesses, including advertising, copyright, trademark, patent, employment, privacy, consumer rights, network security and online contracting.  Our experienced litigation lawyers represent clients on the most recent "hot button" issues, including Internet-related technologies, e-commerce, associated intellectual property issues, third-party data collection, deep packet inspection and behavioral advertising targeting. Decades of experience representing cutting-edge technology companies allow Cooley to offer the most current, creative and comprehensive advice that reflects both our deep experience and our commitment to staying in tune with new regulations, practices and technologies.

We understand the value of not only knowing and applying the law, but shaping it in a way that better enables our clients to develop and deploy value-maximizing business strategies.

Key Facts

  • Cooley represents over 5,000 private, high-growth companies, including many social networking, Web 2.0, digital media and e-commerce entities
  • Our Venture Capital practice is ranked #1 nationally by Chambers USA and is one of the foremost authorities on venture capital investments in technology companies
  • Cooley represents some of the most sophisticated social networking, Web 2.0 and e-commerce companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, eBay and Yelp!
  • Cooley lawyers litigated one of the first cases regarding § 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a critical source of legal immunity for websites that host third-party content
  • Our IP litigators have handled 80 patent cases over the past five years in the Eastern District of Texas, a key jurisdiction for technology-related patent suits

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We represent over 5,000 high-growth companies, including many social networking, Web 2.0, digital media and e-commerce enterprises.

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