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The New York City Bar Presents:
The Re-Entry Tool Kit

New York City Bar Association – 24 West 44th Street
New York, NY

Cooley attorney Jessie Jamar will be presenting on a panel at the New York City Bar Association. This program will address shifts in office culture and offer practical responses from a panel of successful relaunchers to such questions as: how to explain to new colleagues your time away from practicing law; is there still value in face-to-face meetings or have they been eclipsed by emailing and teleconferencing; how proficient do you need to be with technology (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint); what are the expectations for staying tethered to your devices outside of the office (nights, weekends, vacations); how has the “green” revolution affected the workplace; and what does it mean to “dress for success” today?

This program is intended for lawyers who have secured their first re-entry job and need to know what a 21st century office expects of them.