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CPLN: Everything You Should Know About Blockchain

Cooley – 3175 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Cooley is pleased to host CPLN for their program entitled "Everything You Should Know About Blockchain."

On September 12, 2017, lists 1118 tokens with a combined market cap of approximately $136,059,653, 962 (of which Bitcoin accounts for approximately $65B and Ether accounts for approximately $26B).

As more and more companies are engaging in public token sales and more and more blockchain projects are being developed, what will blockchain do to current businesses? Will token offerings replace traditional methods of raising capital? How can a person interested in purchasing cryptocurrency do so?

Join us at noon on Thursday, September 21, 2017, for an interesting discussion addressing:

•           What is blockchain technology and why should you care about it?

•           What are tokens or cryptocurrencies and how are they being used by companies?

•           What are public token offerings? Are there any companies helping to provide structure around these offerings? What are the regulators saying?

•           Are tokens or cryptocurrencies just a fad (like beanie babies) or do offerings of these currencies have legs?

•           How does someone go about purchasing tokens or cryptocurrencies? How does one get a crypto wallet?

•           What is the legal team’s role in this arena?

The discussion will be led by the following experts:

•           Alex Felix, Partner, Coin Fund LLC

•           Juan Suarez, Vice President, Legal, Coin Base

•           Tanner Philp, Manager, Special Initiatives, Kik Interactive Inc.

•           Karen Ubell, Associate, Cooley LLP (moderator)

For more information, please email Sheila Monette or call +1 650 843 5063

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