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Cooley U: M&A for the Board of a Small Company

Cooley – 4401 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA

You've raised capital and built your business. It's gone well, or maybe not. A buyer comes calling, a VC says sell, Google wants to do an "aqui-hire" or something else triggers a board discussion about selling the company. What roles and responsibilities do entrepreneurs who are board members have when considering an M&A transaction? What looks quick and easy from the outside can mean hours of board meetings, considerable conflicts and tense debates between investors and management. Join us as we discuss this topic from the viewpoint of a director.

"Cooley U" is an invitation-only, hands-on instruction program for first-time board members and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have few resources to learn the basics of how to form, organize and manage a board. The program is designed for the first-time entrepreneur or board member who would like to become more knowledgeable about both the legal and practical issues involved in board membership.

This session will feature:

  • Lunch and an opportunity to network with your peers
  • Instruction by Cooley partner Rama Padmanabhan
  • Q&A with an experienced local executive and board member

Discussion topics include:

  • How does the board decide to sell the company?
  • VC interests vs. "shareholders"
  • Financial crisis management
  • What if there is not enough money to go around?

This event is by invitation only. For additional information, please email Leah Lowery or call +1 858 550 6465.

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