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SDVG - Making San Diego the Capital of Genomics

JLABS – 3210 Merryfield Row
San Diego, CA

SDVG is a non-profit organization designed to bring together people who are interested in new ventures and furthering individual companies, as well as our overall innovation community. It is SDVG's mission to elevate the funding environment & growth prospects for local startups.

March event topic:
The mind-blowing advances in genomics are now allowing us all to get digital insight to life via our own Genome. Here in San Diego we are fortunate to be a central hub for some of the world’s smartest people and leading organizations in this fast evolving industry. But, this fast growth and development brings its own set of challenges, bottlenecks and growing pains. Join Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLabs, SDVG, Illumina, Human Longevity, BlueSEQ and a number of other Genomics companies and individuals, and help discuss how we can help each other.

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