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Knowledge Congress Webcast: Latest Developments and Enforcement Initiatives in Securites and Shareholder Litigation

Cooley lawyer Sarah Lightdale will be speaking during The Knowledge Congress webcast series and provide an update on the latest developments and enforcement initiatives in Securities and Shareholder Litigation. 

2015 was a pivotal year in the securities and shareholder litigation landscape because of several significant issues including the Supreme Court's game-changing opinion in Omnicare, Inc.v. Laborers Dist. Council Const. indus. Pension Fund regarding liability for opinion statements, and the decisions of Delaware courts that impacted financial advisor liability and put and end to disclosure-only settlements.  Following these rulings, securities and shareholder litigation practices met important changes that may increase or decrease company's exposure to liability.  Because of this, companies must take note of these changes in order to or properly handle, if not to avoid, a potential lawsuit.

This LIVE Webcast examines cutting-edge issues in securities and shareholder litigation.  A panel of thought leaders and practitioners organized by The Knowledge Group will review recent court rulings affecting securities and shareholder litigation practices and will offer practical advice on handling lawsuits under these changes. 

Key issues that will be covered in this course:

  • Securities Filing and Settlement Trends in 2016
  • Omnicare and Liability for Statements of Opinion
  • Practical Implications of Omnicare
  • Delaware Courts Rejection of Disclosure-Only Settlements
  • Financial Advisor Liability
  • Recent Significant Securities Case Decisions

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