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ACC National Capital Region 2016 Data Privacy and Security Conference

Tegna —7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA

News about Data Privacy and Security continues to make headlines. Ordinary people are increasingly attuned to the vulnerability of their data. Organizations, public to non-profit, are devoting more resources to security and data concerns. Laws change and privacy regime shift creating uncertainty in compliance goals. Breaches are on the rise and most companies assume it's a matter of "when" - not "if" - they will confront a violation of applicable law or data breach. Global expansion of businesses, rapid changes in technology, increasingly sophisticated hackers, and sometimes murky regulatory requirements present in-house counsel and their business counterparts with some seriously challenging risk assessment and business decision making. Keeping pace with these developments in an increasingly fast-moving world of requirements in a way that enables the very real business objectives of our clients is a real challenge.

Randy Sabett will be speaking on the panel "Building a 'Defensible' Privacy Program"

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