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Anatomy of a Unicorn: Metrics for Growth

Cooley 500 Boylston Street
Boston, MA

Cooley is proud to sponsor Anatomy of a Unicorn: Metrics for Growth alongside The Capital Network.

The list of unicorns includes the likes of Slack, Uber, Airbnb, DraftKings and other greats. So, how do you know if your company will rise to that level? Is the unicorn explosion a fad or is there a secret sauce that only a few founders know how to tap into?

During this discussion, we'll look into the benchmarks you would expect to see that show what bad, good, really good and unicorn companies look like. We'll discuss some of the metrics –
across sectors – entrepreneurs should look at to understand their own startup growth, sustainability and scalability.

Questions covered will include:

  • B to B and B to C: What does an incredible company look like underneath the tech press hype?
  • What benchmarks do investors use to sort unicorns from 'donkeys'
  • What methods have unicorns used to achieve hyper-growth?
  • What lessons do unicorns hold for good companies who aren't quite in hyper-growth mode?


Patrick Mitchell - Partner, Cooley

Tanya Bakalov - Co-Founder, SevOne

Kent Bennett - Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Paul Liberman - Co-Founder and COO, DraftKings

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