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Silicon Dragon Hong Kong 2016

Cyberport, Ocean View Court, Arcade 100, Cyberport Road, Telegraph Bay
Hong Kong

Cooley is a sponsor of the Silicon Dragon Hong Kong 2016 event.

Silicon Dragon Hong Kong 2016 Agenda

The Rising Stars of Asia And Their Investors
Talent, Team, Business Model, Capital, Profit, Scale, Win!
Silicon Dragon looks at funding trends for Hong Kong's burgeoning startups. Is there enough capital to get small businesses to scale up? Where is the gap? Who's investing in Asia's best upstarts?
Panelists: venture capitalists, angel investors, dealmakers

Tech Chats:
A spotlight on the winners in the Forbes Asia superstar issue. 1-on-1 Q&As with founders of venture-backed Startups covers the milestones, opportunities and challenges of raising finance and putting the capital to work for success.

Spotlight Talks: How I Did It
Superstars reveal their strategies of how they are making it with success and near-failure stories. Lessons for startups following in the footsteps.

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