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Accessing Capital (and Thriving) in the Midst of Epic Market Turmoil

Hyatt Regency La Jolla, 3777 La Jolla Village Drive
La Jolla, CA

Of all the challenges facing business, access to capital is the one that tops the list—without it, you're headed for a growth stalemate at best.

Responding to schizophrenic stock market swings, valuations generally down, tighter credit, the tepid reception to IPOs and currency headwinds; many investors have pulled in the reins, contributing further to the tightened funding environment.

Even the darlings of the tech industry, the hallowed and envied tech "unicorns" are struggling in the tougher market. No industry is immune, and uneven or slow cash flows indiscriminately affect both public and private companies.

Given that risk is required for growth—and investors seem to be beating a hasty retreat from risk--what's a company to do?

Take heart! We will look at what is driving the turmoil and some successful strategies and tactics companies can use to thrive in the face of this cycle. Companies must find their way to stay viable and, fortunately, there are opportunities to raise money.

How? Where? Who? What are the best approaches?

Don't miss our expert panelists who have been through more than a few rough market cycles and protracted periods of capital constraint. They will share their insights and experiences and winning solutions. So please bring your questions!

Please contact Ilana Brand for further details regarding this event.
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