Clean Energy & Technologies

The Clean Energy & Technologies Practice is at the strategic core of the Cooley law firm. We recognized early on the potential of a combination of technology advances, a rapidly increasing cost structure for conventional energy and the twin policy drivers of energy security and climate change to dramatically transform the energy sector and the legal services provided to that sector.

We are fully committed to this space, which is driven by our belief that the clean energy sector is different from the traditional energy sector, different from a regulatory and policy standpoint, different from a technical standpoint, different from a carbon cash flow standpoint and thus different from a structuring standpoint. We believe that our deep industry knowledge distinguishes us and positions us to add value to clean energy transactions that few law firms can match.

We are also different in that we comprehensively cover the entire clean energy value chain, from startup and venture transactions through commercialization. As more and more cleantech companies seek to deploy their technologies at refinery and utility scale, we believe that expertise in all aspects of the business will be essential.

Our lawyers regularly counsel cleantech companies in a wide variety of industry segments, giving them a thorough understanding of many key areas, including:

  • Renewable energy generation and energy efficiency services
  • Solar electric systems
  • Software, sensors and controls
  • Energy storage systems and technologies
  • Materials science and technology
  • Water purification and management


Our Clean Energy & Technology group focuses on three areas of service:

Clean Technology
Cooley is a leader in working with investors and entrepreneurs who are developing new materials and technologies, partnering with them to bring their ideas to market. The Firm consistently ranks among the top U.S. firms in life sciences, semiconductor and software technologies, on which many promising cleantech solutions are based.

Government Financing
The greening of U.S. energy policy combined with significant public sector investment in clean technologies makes Washington, DC an essential resource for investors and entrepreneurs in the clean energy space. Developing a public sector strategy can be a critical execution variable both for capital raising as well as for managing the regulatory and policy risk that impacts clean energy markets. Cooley and McBee Strategic Consulting have formed an alliance which has assisted multiple companies at all stages of development in applying for and negotiating U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grants and loans.

Carbon Management & Finance
Cooley has one of the leading carbon management groups in the nation, with deep and unique experience in the development and implementation of the full range of greenhouse gas risk management and monetization strategies.

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