Minority Associates Group

Our affinity groups welcome and encourage participation from all lawyers

The Minority Associates Group (MAG) is an affinity group comprised of non-partner lawyers and patent personnel with a shared goal of promoting the interests of minority lawyers both within Cooley and within the legal profession. Founded in Palo Alto by litigation partner Jessica Valenzuela Santamaria when she was an associate, the group is now co-chaired by Bethany Lobo and Brian Focarino and has grown to include chapters in the Boston, London, Los Angeles, New York, Palo Alto, Reston, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC, offices. The group sponsors a variety of activities in each office/region throughout the year, including opportunities for socializing and networking, along with specific programming of interest to the group.

Bethany Lobo Partner, San Francisco
Prina Patel Associate, London
Josh DuClos Partner, Los Angeles
Brandon W Fenn Associate, New York
Azadeh Razi Morrison Associate, Palo Alto
Kimberly Nguyen Associate, Reston
Sophia Rios Associate, San Diego
Chantal Hwang Associate, San Francisco
Alex Weaver Associate, Washington, DC