Cooley Inclusion Alliance

We welcome and encourage participation from all lawyers and patent practitioners

The Cooley Inclusion Alliance is designed for and led by non-partner lawyers and patent practitioners with a shared goal of promoting the interests of underrepresented lawyers and professionals at Cooley and throughout the legal profession. The group is co-chaired by Brian Focarino, Melissa Gohlke and Juan Nascimbene and has grown to include many chapters across the firm. The group leads efforts to recruit, mentor and advance underrepresented talent and sponsors a variety of firmwide, regional and office-specific activities and programming throughout the year, including opportunities for socializing and networking, educational programs, mentorship initiatives, DEI partnerships and specific interest programming.

Firmwide and local co-chairs
Brian Focarino  Associate Boston
Melissa Gohlke  Associate Washington, DC
Juan Nascimbene  Associate London
Melissa H. Boyd  Associate San Francisco
Ashley Brown  Associate Seattle
Leah Duncan  Associate Chicago
Ellie Guadiana  Associate Los Angeles
Phoebe Huang  Associate Seattle
Natalie Karam  Partner Palo Alto, Los Angeles
Chi Vo Kavanaugh  Associate London
Julianne Landsvik  Associate Boston
Su Lian Lu  Special Counsel Los Angeles
Hamish Mishra  Associate London
Kimberly Nguyen  Special Counsel Reston
Mark Samra  Associate Washington, DC
Heather H. Sanborn  Associate Chicago
Yoana Setzer  Associate New York
Naina Soni  Associate Washington, DC
Claire Olin  Associate San Diego
Nick Trimis  Associate San Diego
Katharina Schwarz  Associate New York
Christine Zhao  Associate New York