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Previous Year 2014
04/22/2014 SEC Tells us How to Tweet a Legend
04/14/2014 SEC's Conflict Minerals Rules Struck Down in Part on First Amendment Grounds
04/11/2014 Announcements from Corp Fin re Procedure Changes
04/08/2014 SEC Posts New Conflict Minerals CDIs
03/28/2014 Commissioner Gallagher Takes on Shareholders Proposals by Corporate Gadflies
03/18/2014 Is Victory No. 3 a Nail in the Coffin for Direct-to-Court Strategy for Shareholder Proposals...or Just a Pyrrhic Victory?
03/13/2014 Recent Activist Victories Tarnish Direct-to-Court Strategy for Excluding Shareholder Proposals
03/11/2014 EU Releases Conflict Minerals Proposal
03/03/2014 Will the Courts Become the New Battleground for Exclusion of Shareholder Proposals?
03/03/2014 SEC's Top Agenda Items
02/14/2014 Director Disqualification Bylaws
02/06/2014 Corp Fin Financial Reporting Manual Updates Guidance for Critical Accounting Estimate Disclosure for IPOs
02/06/2014 PCAOB Nixes Mandatory Auditor Rotation
02/05/2014 AICPA Issues FAQs Regarding Audits of Conflict Minerals Reports
02/04/2014 SEC Staff to Continue to Focus on MD&A in 2014
01/31/2014 For Your Friday Afternoon Amusement...
01/29/2014 WSJ Notes Increased Defensive Activity by Companies as Protection Against Activists
01/27/2014 SEC Charges KPMG with Auditor Independence Violations
01/27/2014 SEC Asking Companies More about Overseas Taxes
01/23/2014 Podcast with Intel's Director of Corporate Citizenship re Conflict Minerals
01/23/2014 Post-Restatement Rebuilding Actions
01/22/2014 WSJ on Proxy Season Themes
01/16/2014 Big Disparity in Views of Directors and Investors on Executive Pay
01/15/2014 CII Petitions SEC for Universal Proxy
01/15/2014 PCAOB Warning Triggers Tougher Audits and More Focus on Internal Controls
01/07/2014 Judges Reportedly Skeptical of Conflict Minerals Rules in Appeal Hearing Today

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